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Confluence - Team Collaboration

Confluence is aimed to make CIP4s work more efficient through better collaboration. Beyond, everything should become transparent to everyone. Confluence is the place where we can share information, organize work group meetings and CIP4 Interops, manage questions, make decisions and much more. Atlassian Confluence is very easy to use and in addtionion it is already used by many companies. So, many users should be already familiar with the application. The following you can find a link to the product page as well as to a demonstration video. The video will introduce you how to use Atlassian Confluence.







JIRA - Issue Tracking

JIRA is a commonly used issue- and bug tracking system provided by Atlassian. In our specific environment it is used to interact with our third-party software vendors and system administrators. Further, it is also used for the development of the CIP4 Specifications as well as the CIP4 tools and libraries. Below, you can find links to a JIRA Demonstration Video and the Atlassian Product Page.







Stash - Source Code Repository

Stash is the source code repository provided by Atlassian as well. Internally, Stash is based on Git. So, if you want to access the repository either you can use the native Atlassian Git Client "SourceTree" or any other git client of your choice.







Bamboo - Continuous Integration

Bamboo is a continuous integration server from Atlassian. In short, the server is listening for changes on CIP4 Stash source code repository. When ever a change occures in a CIP4 Tool or Library, the server checks out the latest version, test and compile it and finally publish the new version on the CIP4 Website. If the test- or the compile process fails, the developer is notified automatically.