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CIP4 works together with many other organizations in the printing industry. Essentially, we don't want to reinvent the wheel if existing standards already provide a solution.

GWG - The Ghent Workgroup

CIP4 has joint membership with the Ghent Workgroup with the aim of ensuring that GWG recommendations for PDF align well with JDF and XJDF.


CIP4 has a liaison with the International Color Consortium. JDF and XJDF should facilitate the use of ICC Profiles in a print workflow.

ISO - The International Organization for Standardization

CIP4 collaborates with ISO TC/130. We are currently developing a standards family ISO 21812 that uses terminology from XJDF and embeds it as native PDF into a pdf file. The first part: ISO 21812-1:2018 has been published.

PDF Association

CIP4 has a liaison with the PDF Association. CIP4 and the PDF Association collaborate to align JDF, XJDF and PrintTalk, for instance in ISO 21812-1.