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This project was moved to github.com:

For updated information, please visit https://github.com/cip4/JDFEditor.

The JDFEditor enables you to display, modify and validate JDF Documents and JMF Messages. The application provides a broad range of functionality in order to achieve this. For instance, JDF Documents can be extended by additional elements and attributes in a well defined manner. Further, the JDFEditor supports validation methods as well as a simple communictaion mechanism in order to link JDF Devices directly.With regard to XJDF (or JDF 2.0) the editor also supports XPath evaluation. More featured XJDF functionality are available by enabling the “Extension Options” in “Tools -> Preferences…”. As a result the JDF Editor will becomes able to convert JDF Documents to XJDF Documents and vice versa. More details about XJDF and PrintTalk 2.0 can you find on the page “XJDF / PrintTalk 2.0″.



Download JDFEditor

This is the latest official release of JDFEditor. A new release is being published for each CIP4 Interop (twice a year). There is also a developer version available which includes the latest features. You will find this version on the page /wiki/spaces/TI/pages/1457553961 in the T&I WG Space.

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