#35: Boulder, USA

Find Dates

The following a list of suggestions of weeks for the Interop. Typically an InterOp will take place in spring or in fall. The finally selected Week has to be marked by a green background.

WeekTradeshow notesHoliday notes
Sept. 10-14alternative
Sept. 17-21Selected week
Sept. 24-28Preparation Graph Expo
October 1-5Graph ExpoGerman unification day
October 8-12 Ghent Workgroup 10-12
October 15-19ISO TC130
October 22-26All in Print, ICC
October 29-Nov 2

November 5-9

InterOp Registration

Issues for Discussion

We will discuss all JIRA issues which are labeled with  InterOp-35-Boulder. The goal is to resolve the issues although not necessarily wordsmithing to the final dotted i and crossed t.

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Hosted by

Meeting Details
DateSeptember 17-21 2018
Contact PersonDennis Carney

Table of Contents

  • Find a host - The host has to be found (@TSC)
  • Select a week - Select a week for the CIP4 InterOp (@TSC)
  • Define Topics - Define main topics discussed within the InterOp (@TSC/WG members)
  • Meeting Rooms - Find meeting rooms PLUS Equipment (@Host)
  • Meeting Room Equipment - e. g. Internet Access, Beamer, Printer etc (@Host) 
  • Organize a Hotel - Organization of a hotel close the the meeting rooms (@Host)
  • Social Event - Organization of the traditional Wednesday Evening Social Event (@Host)
  • Promote InterOp - Write a mail to all CIP4 Members (@CIP4 Secretariat)
  • Photos - Take photos and upload to Confluence

Time Table

TimeRoom 1Room 2Room 3

Saturday & Sunday

See "Extracurricular Activities" section below
Monday09:00 - 09:30Interop Setup

09:30 - 18:00Interop / Testing

Tuesday09:00 - 18:00Interop / Testing

Wednesday09:00 - 11:00
Interop / Testing
11:05 - 12:00
Interop / Testing  
12:00 - 13:00Lunch

13:00 - 14:50

 Discussion of JMF Activities and Events

14:50 - 15:00

15:00 - 16:00

16:00 Shutdown laptops
16:15 Meet in lobby

16:30 +

Evening social event
Thursday09:00 - 10:00  walk through issues - many

10:00 - 10:55

10:55 - 11:05


11:05 - 12:00

12:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 14:00

14:00 - 14:55

14:55 - 15:05


15:05 - 16:00

16:05 - 18:00

Friday09:00 - 09:55

10:00 - 11:00

11:00 - 11:55

11:55 - 13:30


13:30 - 17:00


 Link to Connectivity Page: /wiki/spaces/TI/pages/1457553916

Hotel Recommendations

The meeting room is in the hotel

NameMillennium Harvest House
Address1345 28th Street, Boulder, Colorado
Phone+1 303 443 3850

To book: 0918RICOHA

Information on the hotel: http://www.millenniumhotels.com/millenniumboulder



Rate: $119+tax; cutoff date August 31

If calling, please reference Reservation ID#: 0918RICOHA



Of course, this being the United States, renting a car is a common choice.  Note, however, that there are abundant dining options within walking distance of the hotel, so a car is not a necessity.  The drive from the airport to the hotel is on the order of 45-60 minutes, with the fastest route being via a toll road.

However, there are a number of alternatives to renting a car.  See https://www.flydenver.com/parking_transit/transportation_den for information.  I'll mention a few:

  • It appears that there are many bus/train options on Sunday September 16 (and even more on weekdays).  They take on the order of 75-105 minutes, with either bus-to-Boulder options or train-to-Denver-bus-to-Boulder options.
  • Many people take shuttles, which the web page linked above calls "Shared-Ride Services".
  • Then there are always the taxi (supposedly a fixed rate of $88.57 to Boulder) and limousine options.


Historical average temperatures for mid-September:
  High 77° F (25° C)
  Low 46° F (8° C)
And usually sunny (ymmv (smile)).

Evening Social event

Boulder is famous for its beer culture; according to a 2017 Datafiniti report on craft beer in the United States, Boulder has the most breweries per capita of any city in the US. We will visit a few of those breweries on a "Boulder Pub Crawl".

We will first visit our host company, Ricoh, to see some of the printers being sold by this major digital printer manufacturer. Then we will be transported back to the Pearl Street Mall area of Boulder to go on a walking tour of a number of breweries, including of course much beer tasting. There will also be food at every stop.

A view of Pearl Street MallA view of Pearl Street Mall

Extracurricular Activities

If any attendees are interested, I will organize the following activities on the Saturday and Sunday before the meeting:

Saturday, September 15: There is a college football game at 3:00PM between the University of Colorado and the University of New Hampshire, in Boulder.  The cheapest tickets are $44.  This will be a true US college football experience, but I will caution that the game is not guaranteed to be a closely fought contest, since Colorado could win easily (but you never know!).  Anyone who is interested should contact Dennis Carney (dennis.carney@ricoh-usa.com) as soon as possible and definitely before September 1.  If there are interested parties, I will buy tickets around September 1.  NOTE: No one showed interest in this offer, and so I have now been booked for another activity on this day.

Sunday, September 16: I will organize a hike in Boulder, starting at 2:00PM (NOTE later start time than originally announced).  We will be hiking to the Flatirons, the classic icons of Boulder (those big tilted rocks in the picture at the top of this page).  It will be a 2 - 3 hour hike that is about 4 - 5 km long, moderate to hard difficulty.  We will take our time and take breaks to catch your breath.  The trail is rocky and there is one small spot where you have to scramble up some rocks with hand and foot holds carved into them.  Wear good walking shoes, and bring water.  Unless we get an unexpected large rain storm soon before the hike, the trails should be dry.  Anyone who is interested should contact Dennis Carney (dennis.carney@ricoh-usa.com) so I know to look for you.

For the hike, we will meet at 2:00PM, just outside the Ranger Cottage at Chatauqua Park in Boulder.  Here is a map of the starting location.  Looking at that map, there is parking just north of the building and also on the loop to the east of the building (Clematis Drive and Sumac Drive).  However, those spots fill up fast so it is more likely you will end up on Baseline Road just north of the park, or on the roads going north off Baseline.  (Fun fact: Baseline Road is so named because it is right on the 40th parallel; that is, the 40 degrees north latitude line.)  On the day of the hike, you can call me on my cell phone, +1 (720)771-8374.

NOTE: The hotel room block does not include the night of September 15, because of the football game and because the hotel is quite close to the stadium.  You could stay elsewhere on that night, or pay a significantly higher price at the Millennium Harvest House.