Interop 34, Session Agenda and Minutes

PrintTalk 2.0

Review current version and open issues

IP review kick off

  • Leave 1.6 in maintenance mode with mainly cosmetic changes

Status of ISO 21812-1 (PDF Metadata)

Review of CD (Comittee draft)

  • make sure that interim iso meetings are joint meetings with CIP4
  • will dial in be possible? Rainer to check.

XJDF next steps

Errata editing and release process

  • keep to a minimum
  • only if it affects interoperability

Do we need errata releases such as 2.0.1 with updated schema and/or bug fixes only?

  • Ideally we should not change the document
  • Add FDF based on original PDF to the errata page
  • No 2.0.1 version unless we find something that is very broken
  • Add color coding definitions to errata and always use cross-out font for removed text,
  • Errata are proposed by the technicl workgroup and reviewed by the TSC prior to publication.

Do we need a registry of new NMTOKENS and return codes between versions?

  • We should have an NMTOKEN registry individually for 1.6/2.0 in the specification area of confluence
  • Add a description how to use JIRA to extend NMTOKENs
  • Extensions are logged against the next spec version or ICS  but added to the registry

XJDF 2.1 / JDF 1.7 Roadmap

  • Time scale

1.7/2.1 Update at drupa

Focus Improvements to XJDF

Using (X)JDF in the cloud

  • Rest Interface (long debates on usefulness)
  • Quality Control

Work structure 

Retain the Technical Workgroup, and discuss all specification and ICS related topics there.

Short lifetime focus groups in the off weeks:

  • PrintTalk
  • Maybe cloud
  • others?

Chairman election: Stefan Meissner elected.

  • do we keep 2 separate projects for JDF and XJDF respectively?

XJDF and JDF get merged as JDF

Versons: 1.7, 2.0

  • XJDF ISO Path

  • Should XJDF become an ISO Standard?

Advantages of ISO: It is the iso seal of approval.

Currently we are still too dynamic and the iso process would slow us down significantly.

Which version? If any, then post 2.1.

  • Discussion of Legal / copyright issues

We definitely need the ability to distribute a specification free of charge to members and non-members of CIP4.

XJDF ICS Roadmap

  • ICS editing tools

Requirements (see Framemaker)

  • Conditional Documents (1.x/2.x)
  • Embed ai vector graphics to pdf
  • Common corporate identity
  • XML source markup
  • export to pdf
    • flexibility in page and table numbering
    • bookmarks
  • cross references
  • import to html
  • Automatic numbering

Which tools do we prefer?

  • Framemaker? New ICS documents for 1.6 will be migrated to frame.
  • Word? Definitely not
  • others?
    • asciidoc - no
    • markdown - no
  • Raw HTML editing + tool

Continue evaluating HTML -

  • Windsor to import wide format drilled down spec into Framemaker
  • Graham to import wide format drilled down spec into Framemaker

Web To Print / Print Marketplace

Results of the kickoff meeting in Heidelberg / Requirements

  • Rename to print procurement or similar

Presentation Slides

XJDF ICS roadmap

  • No Base ICS required
  • Add XJMF ICS - aim for 2 levels:
    • submit only
    • submit + queue support (including QueueStatus)
    • Option: move MIS to a level in XJMF ics / review number of levels
    • Add Ink Consumption
      • Single ResourceInfo that contains partitioned resource
    • LotID for food/medical
    • Power Consumption: Totaliser is OK

  • Prepress ICS
    • Stripping examples that merge the BinderySignature
    • Add examples
  • Finishing ICS (TBD Markus)
  • Conventional Printing ICS
    • very few changes
    • details of ink consumption
  • PreCP - not required in XJDF
  • OPDP - no champion
  • IDP + Wide Format (combined)
    • Ramifications of moving from LayoutPrep to Stripping with automated layout
      • Use cases
      • Examples to verify the specification
    • Ganging workflow
    • App note on use of ProductList/Product
    • Ink Consumption

Use of XJDF with PDF/VT

  • Identify Use cases of pdf/vt

Which existing ICSs need to be updated?

  • We need a champion for each proposal
  • Example registry

Annotation procedure

  • ICS or ICSs that the sample is valid for
  • use case that the example illustrates (comments on what and why and how)
  • sample status (new, reviewed,... - see JDF)

Registry location in Confluence

  • Sort by use case and reference ICSs in sample

Quality assurrance of posted examples

Is schema validation sufficient for XJDF? yes, but additional review is desireable.

Is CheckJDF validation +schema validation sufficient for JDF? yes, but additional review is desireable.

Use snippets in the in the extracted text but attach valid and complete examples to each sample.

Website and interop matrix

Interop Matrix

Improvements / Simplification of the workflow to enter new Products and new Connectivity links

  • Confluence

Review of the site structure


  • Review of the website:
  • What is missing in the FAQ?
  • How to add XJDF to the website without getting too technical?

  • Interop organization improvements

  • Retain 2 1/2 + 2 days meeting + 1/2 day TSC schedule.
  • 2 tmes/year is ok
  • catering ok

IDP ICS for 1.6

Is there anything new in 1.6 or can we just copy 1.5 to 1.6?

Add discussion of device classes in KnownDevices. ICS-68 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Review presets