CIP4 2015 General Meeting - Meeting Notes


Opening at 17:05 CET



2015 has been a year of transition. There were many changes in CIP4.

  • Change in Mgt. Structure
  • Secretariat
    • absolved to sub-parties and working on specific aspects of secretarial work. Financial work is divided between logistics (bank Payments) and longer-term planning and filings.
  • Change of www site
    • New host to Seibert Media for Confluence and Atlassian tools and utilizing a CMS for www site.


Balance Sheet

Assets: Manly the bank accounts, these show that financial position is stable.

Accounts Receivable % has gone down, as we are better at getting paid.

Liabilities: Very few payable accounts due to reduced infrastructure.


Partner income stable, but full-membership decline mainly due to mergers. Minimal impact on income.

Budget reduced due to lower overhead, and will be reflected in reduced membership dues.

Costs: reduced costs substantially, but due to transition it is still more outflow than budget. Will be reduced next year further. Significant savings due to Executive Director elimination and other infrastructure changes.

Marketing budget was not used but will be used in the coming months/year.
Technical budget was a little high also due to some issues on the transition
Still in the surplus, but we will be reducing the surplus each year in order to bring more service to members.

All accounts have bene reviewed and signed off on by the auditor. Séline Utard from Dalim.


45 members in July 2000, 167 members from 22 countries.
Goal to grow membership now dues under control to be an incentive.
Growth: Stable membership, some factors due to industry ecosystem
Majority full members 79, with 64 associate members.
Approximately 1/2 the members are vendors. The remainder distributed to end users, consultants, associations, and institutions.


JDF 1.5 has been release, now main focus ICS work.

Other project that have had major work:

  • XJDF
  • Wide Format
  • PDF/VT metadata with ISO
  • New WWW site for technical work (Atlassian)
  • Automation and production of the spec. on a standardized process on a regular interval.


  • ISO TC130 – Metadata, Web to Print and XJDF working to bring capability to the ISO standards.
  • Ghent WG – Job Ticket work can make sure that their work is compatible with JDF
  • PWG – Mapping JDF to IPP (How to drive an IPP printer with a JDF)

Active workgroup with many face-to-face meetings. The goal is a simplified version JDF aiming for a specification of 500 pages or less. Developed in common with JDF 1.6. With a tentative and planned timeline to be able to announce publication at Drupa, and then allow the IP review process, and publish in 2017.


Confluence is now used for Work Group calendar, blogs, interop pages, and assets such as whitepapers, details, samples etc.

Question by Mike Scrutton: How is the Interop attendance?
Rainer: EU Interops are stable at about 30 attendees, with a goal of cooperative meetings with other associations and organizations events for commonality. Goals to improve attendance and involvement. By tag-teaming event we can get good interaction with users as well as vendors and end users. Gives us a good opportunity to hear the user experience.


Most of the effort goes towards the new www site. A more modern approach to simplify JDF to the layman, and give a simpler means to point people towards technical resources. What is JDF, Who is CIP4, and Partner news etc. On www site: User experiences and case-studies requested by Julie, for www site content.

Launching new brand image. Offer and invite to participate through bi-weekly meetings. New logo to reflect connectivity. New logo will be implemented on Site and Drupa plans

Drupa: Will continue in the Drupa Innovation park. (dip!) Call for CIP4 members who may want to participate.

Requesting member content and CIP4 drupa booth duty to see if people who will be there will share their time at the dip! Please sent to Julie at

New Social Media: Follow on Twitter “@CIP4”, and tweets can be requested by asking Julie.


Drupa: General meeting there? Concensus is it is important enough to have a face-to-face, with perhaps a snack/meeting. Was agreed to that a get together should be planned, but official business to be phone conf.

Close at 17:55 CET