Host requirements

Hosting an interop is a privilege that does not require huge resoures.

  • Hosts should provide a contact person that knows the area and can organize meeting rooms and a hotel.
  • Hosts are NOT expected to finance the entire interop. Any meeting room rentals or catering bills will be covered by CIP4.
  • Host to arrange a group booking at a suitable Hotel close to the meeting facility, with a price guide of app. 100 per night.
  • Hosts are welcome to provide adequate meeting rooms within their facilities. If the meeting is at the Host's facility, the host must provide high speed internet access. See below at "Bring to Meeting". Th meeting facility can also be in the arranged Hotel.
  • Host factory tours are a welcome but not required diversion.
  • Hosts to organise (and may sponsor) the Wednesday social event. This need not be extravagant or fancy.

Planing the Meeting

  • Make sure the Requirements are fullfiled by the Hotel (Host)
  • Create a new Connectivity page for each meeting and invite people to enter before arrival (Host to maintain)

Bring to the Meeting

  • Network Equipment
    • Access Point (CIP4, Aruba Router available), The meeting facility must provide high speed internet access that can supply the WAN connection of the router. The CIP4 router will supply DHCP and NAT, but the WAN must allow VPN pass through and IP address assignment to virtual machines.
    • 2x Network Cables (CIP4)
    • Chromecast (CIP4)
  • AV Equipment
    • The meeting facility should provide a projector with at least 1920x1080 native resolution. (Host)
    • If possible the meeting facility should provide web cam and audio facilities (microphone and speaker) for web meetings (Host)
  • Power
    • Multi-plug connector (CIP4)
    • Power plug adapter (CIP4)
    • Power strips for 30+ laptops (Host / meeting facility) 
  • Paper for name tags on the table