JDF Archive

Archive of JDF 1.6

JDF 1.6 final published version

JDF 1.6 including the state of the errata at publication time of JDF 1.7 as comments.

Note that the comment annotations are not necessarily visible in browsers. For best viewing results, please open in Acrobat Reader
JDF schema (lax)JDF-Schema-1.6.zipThe lax version allows you to add custom elements and attributes without any additional foreign schema.
JDF schema (strict)JDF-Schema-1.6.strict.zip

A strict version, which requires a valid schema for all foreign namespaces, is also provided for convenience.


In the following you can find a list of all former official JDF Specifications since the beginning in 2000. The current version of the JDF Specification is available on the JDF Main Page Main Page. If you are interested in the draft of the next versions of JDF, please visit the /wiki/spaces/TSC/pages/1560313992.


The following legacy XML schema are provided here. See https://bitbucket.cip4.org/projects/SCHEMA/repos/jdf-schema/browse for a more extensive list.