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This is the original PTK 2.0 release which is now obsolete

PrintTalk Versions

PrintTalk is maintained in parallel with the respective JDF and XJDF specifications.

The final 1.x version is PrintTalk 1.5. PrintTalk 1.4 was skipped and no further JDF based versions of PrintTalk are anticipated.

PrintTalk 2.0 was the first version based on XJDF. It was replaced by PrintTalk 2.0.1, a minor bug fix release.

PrintTalk 2.1 is the latest version and includes a few enhancements compared to 2.0.

Legacy PrintTalk Specifications and Schema

DocumentPublication DateSchemaJDF / XJDF versionComments

August 16 2020PrintTalk 2.1.xsdXJDF 2.1

October 30,2019

Updated December 5, 2019

PrintTalk 2.0.1

PrintTalk 2.0.xsdXJDF 2.0

StatusRequest/@Subscribed has been moved to OrderStatusRequest/@Subscribed. See PTK-264 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The attached schema reflects this change.

March 03, 2020

PrintTalk 2.0.1 including the current state of the errata as comments.

PrintTalk 2.0.xsdXJDF 2.0Note that the comment annotations are not necessarily visible in browsers. For best viewing results, please open in Acrobat Reader

PrintTalk 1.5March 24, 2015PrintTalk 1.5.xsdJDF 1.5
PrintTalk 1.3March 20, 2008PrintTalk 1.3.xsdJDF 1.3
PrintTalk 1.1aJanuary 13, 2003PrintTalk 1.1a.xsdJDF 1.1a
September 24, 2000